fiber cement panels with panel clips

How fiber cement panels with panel clips are installed?

House protection is not only necessary from inside by using the high profile lock system, you even require elements to protect the exterior elevation as well.
are in fashion as well as in demand by the builders, domestic property users and even commercial building owners. The fiber cement is made up of the composite materials such as cement, cellulose fiber, sand, water and some special chemicals which are used in pressurizing the board. However, the finished fiber cement board is very durable and full of strength in comparison to the vinyl sidings and panels.

Who install the panels?

For the fiber cement panel installation you need to call its experts. There are several service providers with the wholesalers in the local market or else you can get the services of installation easily through Fiber cement panels with panel clips online forum.

Painting technique used in fiber cement

Usually, fiber cement panel manufacturers sell panels and boards with a primed surface but if in case it is not done properly, then you can hire its experts from the painting company. Once primer is dry and set on the surface, then acrylic latex material paint is used. The painting job is only done once panels are installed properly. There are pre finished panels also which people buy to curtail the cost of painting. They come in variant colors like red, wood color, brown, white, grey, yellow and dark blue. The panels which come with the painted finishing have a 15 years guarantee against issues such as chipping, peeling and cracking.


Fiber cement panels with panel clips have certain benefits which you must know before obtaining and using-

  • It is a noncombustible material
  • Insects and termite effect is negligible
  • It is not meant to rot or get cracks in extreme weather conditions
  • Deterioration through UV rays in non effective
  • The paint done upon the fiber cement panels are more durable than the paint done over the wooden structure
  • It is an eco-friendly material and has nothing to do with animal skin, wood pulp or any kind of lively extract
  • It has a warranty of 50 years life after installation

Fiber cement sidings are affordable than any other material. They are very attractive in appearance and require very low maintenance. The installation of the panels is easier than the wooden sidings. There are certain necessary precautions which a layman installation person could not do, so it is advisable to hire only a reliable and experience cement panel professional from the market.

Thus, save your house from bugs, bad weather conditions and heat in hot summers by using the high quality fiber cement panels.

Thus, experts who are well trained for the fiber cement panel installation are qualified, have the complete knowledge about cladding, sidings and material by which it is made up of. They have special tools and equipments to fix the claddings and panel clips safely on the structure. They take installation charges according to the per square feet area.